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Курьерская служба Inter express

You can call for a courier

by phone: +38 (044) 223 54 54, +38 (044) 223 50 60

                   +38 (067) 223 42 54, +38 (067) 223 42 53  

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Dear clients, for the highest quality and mutually beneficial collaboration, we ask you to study the instructions listed below. It will not make you any difficulties and will enable us to give you high quality service which you count on. 

  1. At the call of courier of company International Express you are required to report to service of clientele the address of the sender (country, city, street), destination address, type of service, approximate weight of load and type of sending (document/ not document). As well as your name and contact telephone number. (contact information for the call of courier)
  2. Arrival of courier to the address of take order is accomplished during a day from the moment of take order by service of clientele, except for the order of type of service «Express plus» when a courier arrives to address of take order during 60 minutes, delivery will be accomplished during 120 minutes from the moment of take order.
  3. For the highest quality grant of service:
    • on a type «Standard» we ask to accomplish an order to 15-00.
    • on a type «Express»: to 13-00 if delivery on a city and to 15-00 on the regions of Ukraine.
    • on a type «Express plus» to 15-00.
  4. You must fill the given bill of lading in obedience to instructions of courier, except for columns intended for filling by a courier.
  5. The original (top page of bill of lading) always remains for a client. With the original the client can track sending and also confirm the fact of dispatch of load. Other copies accompany sending.
  6. The confirmation of the cash flow of transporting is a grant to the client of warrant with pointing a cost, number of sending, signature of chief accountant, seal of company «International express» LTD and with signature of courier accepting sending to transporting.
  7. The sending is accepted in the closed kind. A pocket is glued on every separate dispatch with the copies of bills of lading. A load is sealed up so that eliminates his secret unauthorized dissection, that makes warranty confidentiality of content of dispatch.

INTER EXPRESS - delivery unlimited

Our contacts

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Evgenia Kharchenko, str. 64 
Mon. - Fri. с 9.00 до 18.00

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